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Premium Goji Berry Juice Powder

Goji Berry Juice Powder
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High in antioxidants
High in protein
High ORAC value
Fights infection
High in vitamin C

Premium Goji Berry Juice powder with 40% polysaccharides!!

Use our concentrated Premium Goji Berry Juice powder to make yourself a carafe of the best Goji juice possible and enjoy the huge savings while drinking delicious, healthful, goji berry juice. The 40% polysaccharides (which few other suppliers offer) is not only more nutritious but also makes the powder dissolve much more easily in water instead of clumping up. Two to three tablespoons of powder per 8 oz of water will make the approximate strength of the best bottled Goji juices on the market. Also, you can mix in other organic powders (vanilla, cacao, pomegranate, acai, etc) and create flavors more suited to your taste. All the nutrition of pure Goji in flavors you enjoy at a great cost!!!  Depending on how concentrated you make the juice, you can get up to 30,000 mg of GOJI for each 1 oz serving.

Our Goji Berry Juice powder contains all five known Lycium Barbarum Glycoconjugate Polysaccharides (LbGp 1-5). Goji berries have the highest antioxidant level of any known food, coming in at an amazing 3,472 ORAC units (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, developed by Dr. Guohua Cao at USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University). They also contain all the essential amino acids, vitamins, 21 trace minerals (including germanium, a rarity in foods) and protein (nearly as much as bee pollen).

Our Premium Goji Berry Juice powder and the juice you make from it is loaded with rich nutrients such as:

Lycium Barbarum Glycoconjugate Polysaccharides: these are large chain sugars which are immune-stimulating nutrients that can also enhance health in a variety of ways, including helping rebuild natural defenses, improving DNA restoration and repair and maintaining normal cell growth. Our powder has 40% of these great nutrients!!

Beta Sitosterol: An anti-inflammatory agent found to lower cholesterol, and used to treat sexual impotence and prostrate enlargement.
Zeaxanthin and Lutine: Valued for their role in protecting the eyes.

Betaine is known to protect DNA, enhance memory, promote muscle growth and promotes healthy liver function. Betaine is used by the liver to produce Choline which assists detoxification reactions in the liver.

Cyperone: A sesquiterpene used in treatment of cervical cancer. It is also known to benefit heart and blood pressure problems as well as menstruation problems.
Solavetivone: A powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent.
Physalin: A natural compound that boosts the immune system. Found to be effective in treating leukaemia, hepatitis B and cancer.

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